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Ecodownwind 2020 - Basic Package - 2 days

Delta do Parnaíba

Kitetrip along the coast of Piauí to the coast of Maranhense, on 10 and 11/10/2020, for sport, companionship and awareness of the cleanliness of the beaches.

R$ 700.00

Icone duração do passeio

Tour Duration

02 days.

Icone tipos de transporte

Transport Types

Sailing in Kitetrip and Support in Vehicle with air conditioning, ATV, Jet Ski and Speedboat

What is Included

Sailing guide accompaniment; vehicle support with air conditioning, ATV, jet ski and speedboat.

Not Included



PREVIOUS – 10/10/2020

Briefing & Lycras (15:00 h)

DAY 10/10/2020

Sunset (4:00 pm)
Bus departure from Coqueiro station – 8:00 am (approx.)
Departure from Cajueiro da Praia – 10:30 h (approx.)
1st stop: meeting point for fruit and hydration table
2nd stop: meeting point for fruit table, sandwich and hydration
3rd stop (last): Meeting point for fruit table, hydration, raffles.

DAY 10/10/2020

Closing of the first day with a lot of excitement: welcome party for the Ecodownwind crowd – Start 16:00 h (approx.)
Sailing start: departure – 9:00 am (approx.)

Observations: for beginners and companions, the bus will leave from the Coqueiro Gas Station at 9:00 am (approx.) And take them to sail from Pedra do Sal; the companions will go on the same bus to Porto dos Tatus, where they will take the catamaran that will await the sailors in the delta.

1st stop for participants leaving the east coast: Pedra do Sal (stop for hydration).
2nd stop: Delta do Parnaíba: time for the crew to sail in the Delta
Boarding the Catamaran
Closing party with lunch, fruit snack, crab and animation on behalf of the DJ)
Arrival at the port of Tatus – 18:30 h (approx.)
Departure by bus from Porto dos Tatus to Praia do Coqueiro – 19:00 h (approx.)
End of services.


Kitetrip along the coast of Piauí to the coast of Maranhense. 02-day package with round-trip transfer every day from Praia do Coqueiro, fruit tables, sandwich, hydration and crab, welcome and closing parties, sailing through the Delta of Parnaíba and Catamaran ride, for sport, companionship and awareness of beach cleanliness.

Visited Places

Coqueiro Beach - Eastern Coast of Piauí

Cajueiro da Praia - PI

Pedra do Sal Beach - PI

Delta of the Parnaíba


The kite for the preservation of the beaches.


General conditions

1 - Each service and schedule is reconfirmed the night before its execution, it is of crucial importance that customers correctly inform their boarding locations and are at the reception of them, already packed, and with check in carried out. Rota Combo Turismo Ltda safeguards the right not to embark passengers who do not comply with this determination, thus safeguarding the good performance of the group as a whole.

2 - Baggage limits of up to 10 kg per person must be strictly respected, and excess luggage may even be unloaded. If you have more than 10 kg, consult us (or your travel agent) about the additional payment.

3 - For land transfers, can be used: car, 4x4, van, minibus and bus (all with air conditioning), according to the number of people expected

4 - On days when there are shared transfers departing from Parnaíba, departures will be between 05:30 and 06:30 in the morning approximately, and from Barra Grande between 06:00 and 07:00 in the morning approximately, with the possibility of not having breakfast. morning.

5 - When the shared transfer arrives at any destination, the group will go directly to the food point, support point or the final destination, either as a means of accommodation or as a tour, under the sole and exclusive decision of Rota Combo Turismo Ltda, which it is absolutely guided by the criteria of safeguarding logistics, and thus providing greater comfort to the group as a whole, to the detriment of the individual interest of each traveler.

Access the complete general conditions here: